Internet Cafés
Internet cafés would already appear to be a thing of the past. Just about every bar and restaurant has a wi-fi connection. All you need to do is ask for the password, ordering a drink might help.

Members of the Cala d'or Yacht Club are able to connect wirelessly from their berth via the club house.

COSYTOES is an island wide baby sitting service. Their moto "you need a holiday too". So for that night out, or an afternoon break - give them a try. Their website is unavailable as I update our website - but you can find them on Facebook.
Mallorca is famous for it’s pearls. Perhaps the wife might like a pearl necklace? When shopping for this type of purchase it’s always best to avoid places geared up for tourists, try the more traditional shops, or better still visit the factory near Inca.
Tramuntana Mountain Range
Any hikers that don’t baulk at a walk? Even though the mountain peaks are no higher than 1,500 metres the juxtaposition of sea and mountain is quite breathtaking. Massanella is the second highest peak and has some challenging slopes. Teix is tough I believe whereas Alaró Castle is rather easier but still rewards you with some magnificent views. Half way up on the southern side of the mountain is a fabulous restaurant, is not posh it's a converted stable, but the food is superb.

There are so many natural opportunities for photography on the island that it is becoming very popular with contempory artists. Although we may not have the same kudos as Cadaques - Dali's home town - we are blessed with the same strong and clear light.

There is so much to do on the island the easily bored can always find something to do. Then again you may just like to sit by the pool in the sun, drink at hand, and read your book, relax........ Nice work when you can get it.
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